Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The present Personal Data Privacy Policy constitutes the company’s statement, disclosing all of the ways the company gathers, uses, discloses and manages user data.

Types of data collected and the intention of data collection

The personal data collection we process depends on the type and purpose of the service/contract we provide you with, as well as the extent of your consent. More specifically:

  • Newsletter sign-up. By filling out the uploaded contact form on our website, you give consent to our company to use your contact information, in order to send you personalized or general e-mails and to update you regarding any changes or new posts on our website.
  • Contact with the company. In case you choose to come in contact with us, the company keeps our conversation in a special file and uses it exclusively if needed, or in case of disagreement or unclarity pertaining to it.
  • Expressed desire to work for our company. In the relevant page on our website, the visitors are provided with the opportunity to contact us in order to express their interest in working with us. In this case, the collection and processing of further personal data (e.g. CV, age, personal interests) is required in order to evaluate their application. Our company may keep your personal data in order to re-examine the possibility of future collaboration.
  • Data collection via cookies. During your first visit on our webpage you will be asked regarding your consent to allow the storage of small files in your device, in order to recognize you as a user and to facilitate your browsing. You can read more about the data collected in this way in the relevant page on our website (Cookies Policy).
  • In the case of collaboration with our company. If you choose to contract with our company in order to resolve a difference – intra or extra juridically, our company may ask for more information, which vary depending on the nature of your case (civil, criminal, employment), always abiding by the rule of minimization. Some indicative examples of such information include your profession, origin, T.I.N., social security number, bank account information, a copy of your criminal record, previous criminal convictions, health information and others.
  • Our company may keep and process your personal information when required for execution of its lawful obligations (tax and accounting).


We keep the data collected we process for as long as needed for the purpose for which they were collected, except if a longer keeping duration is required per law, such as for our taxation obligations.

More specifically, we keep your data until the explicit exercise of your right to oblivion, in which case we examine whether the deletion of your personal data is in accordance with the applicable legislation and the by law provided company’s obligations. If from such an examination no obstacle is justified, the company ensures the safe destruction of your data.

We reserve the right to access to your contact information and send you informational messages until the explicit encouragement of the opposite.

Data transmission to third parties

By providing your data to our company, you agree to it being processed by our staff, which is bound to abide by the principles of discretion and confidentiality, besides the legal professional privilege, where applicable.

For the fulfillment of certain purposes and after notifying you, we may transmit part of our the sum of your personal data to third parties, either for contract purposes  or for the fulfillment of the company’s lawful obligations.

In this case, we ensure the confidentiality for your data with discretion and confidentiality contract and any other fruitful and adequate measure.

When lawful, your personal data may be transmitted, stored or processed in or from the party performing data processing outside the European Economic Area. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that the safe handling of your data and in accordance with the present statement for personal data protection.

Subject rights

You have the following from the law deriving rights in relation to the personal data collected and processed by our company:

  • The right to access and receive information regarding your personal data processing
  • The right to correct and update your personal data
  • The right to delete (right to oblivion)
  • The right to oppose to the data transmission and processing, as well as its restriction
  • The right to waive consent, in case it constitutes the processing’s legal foundation
  • The right to data mobility

The right to denunciation – Contact

Our company is available and open to any type of communication with you, so that you can exercise the fore-mentioned rights, to receive answers for your questions regarding the protection of your personal data, and to express any complaints with regards to its processing.

In addition, you reserve the right to submit a denunciation to the Personal Data Privacy Authority.

Respectively, if our company senses a possibility of such an offence, it proceeds without delay to immediately inform you and the national Authority. Upon such an event and in collaboration with the Personal Data Privacy Authority, we put into action all the appropriate technical and organizational measures we have taken, so that the offence be averted or otherwise that its consequences be mitigated.

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