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We offer comprehensive legal advice on a diverse range of matters arising in the shipping industry. Through our work on complex cross-border disputes we have acquired substantial experience in various maritime jurisdictions. We principally advise on wet shipping disputes and maritime litigations regardless of the type of vessel or cargo. Our lawyers are available, committed and eager to act at a moment's notice to protect our clients' interests at the event of any misadventure such as loss, fire or damage. 

Our practice has also a limited yet noteworthy record on dry shipping matters, predominantly on contractual documentation relating to employment contracts, yachting regulations and establishment of shipping legal entities and branches. 

Our areas of work include

  • Bills of lading and insurance claims
  • Charterparty
  • Sale, shipbuilding and transaction contracts
  • Shipparrest and enforcement proceedings
  • Contractual and admiralty disputes
  • Cargo-related disputes
  • Enforcement and foreclosure
  • Asset preservation and corporate veil piercing proceedings.
  • Accident at sea mandates

Key Contacts

Stelios Pavlakis

Stelios Pavlakis, Managing Partner

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Kyriake Ch. Balta

Kyriake Ch. Balta, Partner

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