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We have year-long experience in personal injury cases, ranging from road traffic accidents to maritime and labor accidents, medical negligence and State liability. Our in depth knowledge of domestic and international framework allows us to wisely advise you whether you should settle down or file a lawsuit. 

Our experience in handling thousands of personal injury cases enables us to estimate the legitimate compensation and navigate you through the challenges of a settlement or dispute hearing. Throughout the years of practice, we have developed a wide network of associates, court bailiffs, attorneys, agents, technical and legal experts in Greece and abroad ready to take action for the pursuit of your case. 

Our work of practice includes

  • Compensation for loss of income, medical expenses, illness wages and non-material damages due to labor accident.
  • Claims for road traffic accident

Cases & Settlements

Road traffic accident
  • Crossing road with orange traffic light
  • Deathly injury of a tourist - All -terrain vehicle passenger
  • Pedestrian on an emergency lane of the National Highway
  • Motorcycle passenger injury
  • Injury on a billboard pole
  • Traffic light defect
  • Collision on a wall caused by an illegally illuminated plate
  • Motorcycle driving on the lane dividing strip
  • Local Administration and State's liability for inadequate maintenance of the roadway. Fatal injury
  • Collision of passing motorcycle on a vehicle's door
  • Injury caused while loading on a tow truck.
  • City bus derailment and collision onto bus stop
Maritime labor accident accident
  • Serious injury caused by downfall from rope-ladder
  • Disappearance of seafarer at sea
  • Downfall from ladder due to intoxication
  • Drowning due to intoxication
  • Crushing between elevator doors
  • Death caused by hypothermia
  • Deaths caused by insufficient nursing
  • Death due to absence of timely diagnosis of drug use
  • Loss of sight
  • Death from toxic smoke inhalation
  • Fatal injury in traffic accident on the way to the ship
Medical malpractice
  • Untimely diagnosis of brain hemorrhage following traffic accident resulting in the victim's death.  
  • Delayed supply of oxygen to accident victim with multiple  following an accident which led to the death of the injured person. 
  • Flawed chirurgical surgery for tumor removal leading to patient's death. 
  • Misplaced silicon injections in cosmetic surgery producing side effects and requiring new surgery for forced replacement.

Key Contacts

Kyriake Ch. Balta

Kyriake Ch. Balta, Partner

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Eleni Kavvoura
Eleni Kavvoura

Eleni Kavvoura, Associate

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