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Our extended experience covers both owners of all forms of lodging facilities such as hotels, resorts and hosting residencies, as well as agents tour operators supplying and collaborating with them including short-term lessors via sharing platforms, transport services, shipping agencies, car rental and excursion offices.

Our professionals support  businesses active in the field of leisure activities such as yachting, cruising, skiing, diving, sky diving, parachuting, climbing as well as guided tours. Furthermore, we frequently undertake the required land planning -establishment process for resorts, such as mountain shelters, ski, and other recreational centers.

By providing top tier legal services we gladly seize the opportunity to participate in special tourism initiatives and support the traditional – recreational, but also the alternative (agricultural, maritime) tourism sector in Greece.

Real estate planning

Location is always crucial. That is why it is important that businesses look for and receive legal guidance concerning their establishment, in issues relating to urban planning and zoning, urban and environmental licensing, infrastructures of special use (energy parks, gas stations, tourist ports, theme resorts and exhibitions, shelters and seaside use), settlement of hotels, hosting buildings and residencies and agency offices.  We frequently advise on related topics, such as acquisition or lease agreements, as well as business compliance with special law conditions.

Company formation and governance

Whether you are just starting your business or if you are already established in the field, selecting the suitable company form is crucial and can prove to be either beneficial or detrimental for your business.  Our team is here to help you make a profitable choice for your business by thorough tax planning and considering special tax legislations.  We cover every aspect including foundation and registration process, partnerships, shares and joint ventures, BOD composition agreements and records, financial statements and company’s capital, securities, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency, consolidation, debt settlement and restructuring. We provide advice to members of BOD or to shareholders for private issues such us their liability against the company or third parties and their residency visas.

Project finance

Fortunately, there are many ways to finance your new business project in the tourism industry. Well-acquainted with the relevant legislations, our team consults on company funding and relevant agreements such as banking loans, commercial leasing of facilities and equipment, securities, funding initiatives and subsidized programs by the E.U. and the State, implementation of special developmental legislation, shares, and joint ventures.

Regulatory, compliance and licensing

Establishing and operating a business requires full conformity to the legislative provisions in force. Given both the large number as well as extensive variety of EU and state regulations and directives, we consult touristic businesses so that their compliance is secured. Our clients have long trusted us with all main establishing and operating procedures including both those related to land use such as urban planning and construction, environmental and operating licensing, special land use (e.g. seaside), as well as those related to data privacy, intellectual property and owner’s liability, e.g. data protection DPO and training seminars, IP rights and permissions (music) and trademarks, F&B licensing, consumer and traveler protection liability, insurance contracts and related claims.

Employment & social security

Labor rights and obligations are both serious and oftentimes complicated, especially for businesses that sign employment agreements that fall under special regimes and regulations. Some common issues our professionals provide consultations for include collective agreements, contract conclusion, suspension, renewal and termination, seasonal contracts, special work formations, salaries, leaves, allowances and bonuses and social security issues and procedures.

Our team does not only have deep knowledge of the legal framework, but also extensive experience and admittedly remarkable success in representing employers before competent authorities. This enables us to firstly protect you from entering an intra-judicial dispute and to represent you if needed.

Day to day operation

We professionally handle any licensing procedure, regulatory compliance and commercial contracts such as allotments, commitments and exclusive agreements, sharing platform operation or participation in agreements, management and co-management contracts, time-sharing contracts, leasing facilities and franchising agreements, supplying contracts and participation in subsidized tourism programs by Hellenic Organization for Tourism (EOT).

In cooperation with your accounting department, we can advise you on tax related matters including issuing your financial statements and implementing lawful accounting standards, as well as representing you before competent tax authorities and the Court.

Claims, fines and penalties

We frequently represent our clients before the competent authorities for and against claims arising from agreements, including claims for and against tour operators and agents, suppliers, insurance companies, the state, and employees.

Defending your interests against fines and penalties issued by competent public authorities for violations of the legislation in force concerning employment and social security, urban planning and construction, environmental licensing, consumer protection, tax conformity and accidents. We also undertake your representation for such violations before Criminal Courts.

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