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Trade has always constituted the driving force of the economy and has combined transactions concerning not just the legislation of one single country, but also that of other countries involved in the trading activity.

Nowadays, with technology’s great contributions, almost the entirety of trading transactions has acquired an international character and concern national, union-wide and international regulations, while a large portion of those is completed on or facilitated by the internet. It becomes clear that efficient handling of cases pertaining to trade and especially those with  cross-border elements requires specialization and experience in similar cases. The partners of our law firm fulfill both of those requirements and are ready to take on your case with enthusiasm and determination.  

Our areas of practice include

  • Franchising agreements and related issues
  • Commercial representation/ Agency agreements
  • Exclusive or non-exclusive distribution agreements
  • Transport and distribution agreements
  • Contractor agreements of every kind
  • Broker or agent contracts
  • Issuance or reception of endorsements (foreign currencies, cheques, lading notes, etc.)
  • Intra- or extra-juridical pursuance of claims
  • Securing claims for professionals
  • Preparation of supply contracts
  • Preparation of retail contracts
  • Imports and exports of products
  • Customs supervision and conformity
  • Related issues with employees and freelancers

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