Our story


The first step

George Pavlakis, distiguinshed graduate of Athens Law School founds the law office “Pavlakis & Partners” in the center of Athens.


Roots from the port of Piraeus

With the addition of new members, the office expands and resettles at the junction of Euploias & 3 Kantharou St. in Piraeus.  Since then, it operates continually with particular success and expertise in marine casualty and personal injury cases.


Department in Athens

A new department specialized in other sectors (civil, commercial, administration law) is founded in a proprietary multilevel building right by the present-day Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.



As the older generation of lawyers starts to retire, the office continues to evolve, widening the range of activity and developing expertise in the field of Tourism and Corporate Law.


PnP today

The law office takes the form of a partnership. With the total renovation and modernization of the infrastructure, the company jumps into the digital era and adopts modern practices for increased convenience and security. Apart from material and service advancements, the new era brings further systematic specialization in Tax and Real Estate law, Consumer Protection, commercial law emphasizing on competition, agency and distribution, as well as intellectual and industrial property.



Our company looks upon the new decade with optimism and a clear vision. Passionately gaining more and more experience and not willing to compensate our enthusiasm, we strike out in new directions, give newly certified lawyers the opportunity to evolve and continue to always be at your service.