Labor accident

The term “labor accident” refers to an accident which occurs to a person while at their place of work or while performing a work-related activity. In addition, from a legal aspect, labor accidents could include not only a violent external event, but also a disease caused by adverse conditions of the specific work. The jurisprudence even accepts that a labor accident is any manifestation or aggravation of a pre-existing – even at latent state – disease of the employee, when the work is provided under exceptional, extraordinary, unusual, and unfavorable conditions.

The continuation of work after the disease is manifested is also considered a labor accident. More specifically, even in the case that work was provided under normal circumstances, but no appropriate medical care was provided for, or if the continuation of work resulted in incapacity for work or even death, provided that the employer knew the deterioration of the employee’s health and the danger the latter was in.

Pathological causes

Accidents, such as heart attacks or strokes that occur as a result of pathological causes triggered by the conditions of work or already existed and worsened due to them.


Malaria, dengue fever, necrotizing fasciitis, poisoning and gastroenteritis have been considered occupational accidents. Also, pneumonia, tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, etc. which occurred on a ship and were dealt with improperly.


Injury from falling parts of buildings, from poorly maintained machinery, poor infrastructure in the workplace or due to infringement of security regulations.

Commuting accidents

Accidents that occurred on the way to work or outside the workplace, but where the employee was at the behest of his employer to perform a specific task or work assigned to him.

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Sample cases

  • Worker's fall from scaffold due to safety measures violation
  • Σύνθλιψη δακτύλων χεριού αλιεργάτη από παγομηχανή
  • Θάνατος εργάτη από ηλεκτροπληξία κατά την εκτέλεση καθηκόντων
  • Death of worker caused by heat stroke
  • Death of employee caused by gas explosion
  • Death caused by smash between elevator doors
  • Traffic accident on the way to work which led to death
  • Death of a seaman caused by gastroenteritis
  • Death on a ship caused by pneumonia due absence of prompt medical care provision.

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