Personal injury

We have year-long experience in personal injury cases, ranging from road traffic accidents to maritime and labor accidents, medical negligence and State liability. Our in-depth knowledge of the domestic and international framework allows us to wisely advise you whether you should settle down or file a lawsuit. 

Our experience in handling hundreds of personal injury cases enables us to estimate the legitimate compensation and navigate you through the challenges of a settlement or dispute hearing. Throughout the years of practice, we have developed a wide network of associates, court bailiffs, attorneys, agents, technical and legal experts in Greece and abroad ready to take action for the pursuit of your case. 

Compensation claims

According to Greek legislation, a person who unlawfully and through their fault have caused prejudice to another shall be liable for compensation. The compensation is almost always monetary.

Which actions or omissions are considered unlawful or illegal is determined by the relevant legislation, special regulations and the general principles of law, as those are specified and interpreted by jurisprudence and case law.

In case of an accident, the court considers various factors to determine the extent of liability, it evaluates the damage incurred (material or moral) and awards a monetary compensation.

Compensation beneficiaries

In case of fatal accident, the victim’s family is entitled to compensation for moral damages attributed to the accident. The meaning of “family” is not regulated by law. Jurisprudence and case law have previously formed a relatively narrow notion of the term “family”, in which only immediate family is included.

However, recent judgements have broadened the notion and have adjudicated monetary compensation to plaintiffs in free relationships, co-living partners, etc., taking into account the emotional bond between the plaintiff and the victim. 

Where the beneficiary of the compensation is underaged or legally incapacitated, they will be represented in trial by their legally appointed providers of parental care or guardians.

Find a lawyer

Our in-depth knowledge of the legal framework and jurisprudence allows us to wisely advise you whether you should settle down or file a lawsuit.

Medical malpractice

Did you become ill due to adverse working conditions? Did you get injured while at work? Our specialized lawyers can advise you on whether you may be eligible for compensation.

For many years on end our team has been handling cases of victims of maritime accidents, ensuring they receive fair compensation, occasionally in cases of exceptional complexity and legal difficulties.

Medical malpractice

Life – long experience in defending victims of medical professionals’ derelictions, which have resulted to their injury, loss, damage or excessive suffering.

Damages caused by fires, poor road maintenance, missing traffic signs, tree falls, absence of protecting measures against thunder, storms, floods.

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